Windows 8, What are you?

WINDOWS 8 is trying to be two things at once (a tablet/touch friendly system and a fully functional desktop environtment) is effin’ IMPRACTICAL. Android and iOS arenot trying to be full blown desktop systems. The iPad runs iOS not OSX. 

When installed on a tablet, you are not actually using an inside-out tablet system. Instead, it is a desktop environment topped with this AAAWEESOMELY PIMPED UP START MENU which will serve as your tablet interface. Personally, why would I opt to using the metro apps on a tablet when I can jump into desktop mode and run more fully functional stuff. Why not trash the desktop mode and just go with the METRO STUFF just like WINDOWS PHONES

As for windows 8 installed on a desktop. Yes, Microsoft said windows 8 WORKS PERFECTLY FINE with a mouse and yes it really does work fine with a mouse and a keyboard but they never said it will be FRIENDLY.

I understand that Microsoft is trying to create a uniform ecosystem for smartphones, tablets and desktops like apple does but this is getting really ridiculous.

I still give it to windows 8 though simply because I’m a fan of awesome interfaces.

Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited - Gauging the true you.

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Being true to yourself ( Pagpapakatotoo ), this has always been an issue for the people involved and the people watching the reality show Pinoy Big Brother. 14 (sometimes more) individuals from all walks of life have been carefully chosen to participate in a once in a lifetime experience of being a Big Brother housemate. Big Brother and all of the country and the world expect these individuals to break out of their shells and show who they are but how do we exactly gauge a person’s true character?

The house is watched over by a lot of cameras and instinctively as any person will, would try all the best to show his/her best foot forward to win the hearts of millions. This action will soon be interpreted as a ‘playing safe’ attitude which people seemingly don’t like. People want these individuals to throw away all these and just be themselves and be true, but is this really that easy to do? No! Being true to yourself is not as easy as people may think it is.

Being yourself and flaunting the real you is as complicated as it gets especially in a confined environment as the Big Brother house. Joining a group or a society means accepting the unwritten lines that go with it. Each individual in a society and the society itself has its boundaries that each member must learn and respect, same goes to each of the housemates. This respect directly crosses the line of showing your true self. Showing your true self means showing all of who you are regardless of good or bad, this is what viewers are expecting. What viewers fail to realize is that this is not possible at all times. Housemates as humans and part of a society instinctively know and respect each other’s boundaries. One cannot just sit beside another and say “Hey, you know what? I don’t really like your attitude right now” or “Hey, you look awful in that dress”.  Although this would probably be possible with years of solid friendship which the housemates don’t probably have because they have only been with each other for 3 months or so. This is why housemates only say what they truly feel and think about each other to big brother alone or to one of their closest friends who share the same thought. This is badly interpreted as ‘plastic’ which is really not. This is just a normal instinct for a person trying to fit into a newly introduced society, respecting each member and acknowledging boundaries. This is especially true for Filipinos who are naturally very respectful with each other.

Showing your true self not as easy as dropping a bomb in a middle of a crowded street, it will kill a lot of people including you. A lot of housemates especially from the past seasons of PBB got evicted because they simply showed themselves with no reservations, which is good at some aspects but if you do this, people around and all the millions who are watching would eventually find a flaw with the ‘real you’. This will always be the case because our personalities are not perfect. Sooner or later, people will notice that flaw and then haters pop out of the blue. This can be avoided by slowly, very slowly introducing the real you, a luxury that housemates don’t have. A hundred days is not enough because there are 14 of them and there are millions out there to please and considering that each housemate is not really shown on every episode.

Rejection is a natural fear for everyone. Playing safe till the end doesn’t really mean that they have no intention of showing who they are and what they are capable of. The housemates are naturally and unconsciously avoiding rejection by the keen eyes of their co-housemates and the public. Being on the safe side is not a choice. It is a natural instinct for every human on this planet. We all want to be accepted. Only a few are instantly willing to jump out of the safe zone and accept the bullets of criticism.

Showing the real you is a natural process and should not really be forced and/or induced. One of the tasks of the current season bothered my thoughts and so are of the many. The houseplayer was given the tasked to push two of the housemates to their limits to test their true selves. The houseplayer was successful, the two female housemates were really pushed over the edge. Suddenly people in the outside world are ecstatic. Finally they’ve shown their true selves. Really? I don’t really go well with this. Pushing someone to limit and extracting a rather violent reaction from them doesn’t mean extracting the real them. Pushing someone over the limit would naturally cause violent reactions but this doesn’t instantly reflect who they are although this may show their patience but not really the real them.

If ‘ka-plastikan’ and ‘playing safe’ would mean respecting the people around you and the society then I would go for it. It would make the whole world a better place to live. Imagine the world full of truthful people, no lies, it would be chaos.